How to Sell?

Placing Paintings and Other Artworks Online
Seven Sky Gallery offers you the ability to post your personal information and artwork images on our website. Cooperation with us will bring you the following advantages:

  • many potential buyers from all over the world will be able to look at your artworks and buy them;
  • you will be given the possibility to broaden your contacts, acquire business partners and find people who appreciate your creativity;
  • just give us your photos, and we will take care of their quality and promotion on the Internet. Your artworks will be sold practically without your involvement, that will give you the ability to create;
  • you will have a page with information about you, so buyers can know you well.

To start cooperation, contact us via e-mail 7skygallery@gmail.com or call +38 (067) 974 72 01
Provide us with 5 – 10 images of every artwork you want to sell, item descriptions, short biography, and contact details as well.

The Process of Selling Artworks.

If a potential buyer is interested in your work, we will contact you via e-mail or phone to confirm its availability. In case of a positive result, we will pick up the artwork from your place and pay for it. However, you can’t spend this money until we call you back and inform you about the successful sale.
We will be glad to help you with selling your artworks and introduce them to the whole world.

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